Friday, May 23, 2014

my kitchen

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at last!! it's complete!!  Tommy Kane is one of my MOST favourite artists and has truly had a fond impact on me and my art.  he was also involved in the first semester of sketchbook skool and a big reason as to why I enrolled in the course.

his class was the last week of the six-week course.  I couldn't wait for his class to finally arrive and I was so excited when it finally did!!

his assignment was to draw our kitchen.  he shared a demo of him drawing his own kitchen and how he approaches a drawing, colours it, and adds final touches to it - AWESOME!

he also wanted to share his one - and very important - rule; always follow through.  this has been my biggest struggle but it seems that I have finally conquered it! - a HUGE feat for a perfectionist, let me tell you!!

THANK YOU, Tommy!!

I wasn't a fan of the drawing originally because it's totally wonky, but because I kept with it, and continued to push through and complete it, I actually like it's wonkiness and am so proud of myself for following through.

I can't wait to start the next drawing...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

rental complex

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this drawing is a continuation to the previous one (of the house 'therapy').

we moved to San Antonio, TX in October 2012 all the way from Toronto, Canada.  it was basically a massive leap of faith mixed with a thrill of adventure because neither my husband nor i had ever been here before.  my husband was offered a chance to move here for work, and we decided to jump at the opportunity.

this town has lots of rental complexes like this one.  you can rent a house, townhouse or apartment and more times than not, there are amenities like a pool, gym, sauna, etc to enjoy.

we lucked out with where we ended up landing after jumping into the unknown.

i love the colours that are used throughout SA in the architecture.  you'll never see anything like it in the land of the Canucks (at least not the parts I've lived or visited).  they use lots of mustard colours, burnt reds and oranges, gorgeous olive greens and the like.  just gorgeous!

this drawing took me about a week in total to complete in intervals.  it takes me a whole lot more time to get my drawings down now that Nathan is on the loose!  his nap times offer me a quick chance to sit down and crank out a drawing little by little.

this is only my third drawing of a building that i've done freehand and i am HOOKED!  i used to be so worried about making my drawing 'perfect' and it took me four years to get over the fact that there's no such thing as perfect.  i follow the advice of a smart man and always follow through even if i don't like the drawing or if i made a mistake and i'm so glad i've learned from him.

i'm off to figure out what i'm going to draw next...

Friday, April 25, 2014


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this has been a rough week for me - i had surgery at the beginning of the week to determine why i've been having extremely severe pain for the past four months.  I was diagnosed with endometriosis.

as part of my recovery, i have found drawing to be a huge form of therapy.  i spent two days working on this drawing and i'm really pleased with the results.

i had drawn this house before, but in pencil first and then went in with ink and paint.  there's a huge difference between the two - the first one is tight and stuffy whereas this one is free, expressive and fearless; maybe the narcotics had a hand in that?

i'm loving the momentum i'm creating in my sketchbook.  for once in four years, i've been sticking to it, mistakes and all, and moving onto the next page and it's the greatest feeling!!

taking the sketchbook skool course couldn't have happened at a better time.


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sketchbook skool is awesome!! i'm feeling so inspired and have been finding time to make drawing a very important part of my (almost) every day life.

I decided to draw one of my favourite shoes of all time - my converse chuck taylor's.  as a kid, i remember wearing these, and i still wear them today in my thirties.  they've managed to stay in style - probably by the likes of other thirty-something year old artsy-folk who don't want to grow up completely.

when Nathan was only a three months old or so, we found shoes that looked very much like my chuck's.  i decided then and there that his first pair of shoes had to be them and we could match for a little bit!  i'm sure when he's older, he won't want to have anything to do with that, but right now, he doesn't know any different so i'll enjoy it while i can!!

i absolutely loved doing this drawing!

Friday, April 11, 2014

sketchbook skool - week 1

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sketchbook skool! no, that's not a typo, and yes, I know how to spell 'school', but this is art, and we break the rules, so we spell it with a 'k'....ooooooo....

what is sketchbook skool?  it's an online course, or perhaps even a movement, within the sketchbook community around the globe! it is six weeks long and offers insight from six different artists. but there's so much more to it than watching videos that these artists have put together to talk with us, show us their tools, and their process, to share their vast knowledge of what they've learned over the many years of keeping their illustrated journals; it is with the magic of the internet that this course brings people from all parts of the world together, people who have absolutely no drawing experience to those who are professional artists and everything in between.  it's a melting pot that allows us all to come together and share our discoveries, not just in our artwork and the skills we have (or didn't know we had), but it is also self-discovery, expression, individualism and acceptance.  it's a place to get inspired, to get motivation, to receive kind words and even constructive criticism. and it's awesome.

I was so excited to learn that Danny Gregory was going to be teaching (and the founder of SS)!  I have been struggling for the past four years to keep an illustrated journal and only successfully did so when I was pregnant (2013).  I started (and finished!!!) the journal to celebrate the journey, and one day, I will pass it down to my son.  It was so gratifying to finally see my journal through from start to finish!

now that my munchkin is in the world with us, it's even more important to me to keep documenting my life and all of the blessings in my life, through my journals.  I want to celebrate my son's milestones, our every day life together and even our hardships.  I want to celebrate our lives.

I have also been struggling with making time to do my art.  life has gotten very busy with an almost-six month old, not to mention that I'm dead tired by 8:30pm when he goes to bed and we get to eat dinner.  there's no fuel left to put down a drawing.

so instead, I'm finding time during the day to make a drawing when he's having a nap.  it's not a great deal of time, but it's something!

so for the past week (week 1), I have made small drawings and two full spreads.  I'm not particularly happy with the second spread because I don't like the background I gave it, but I'm challenging myself to be okay with it for once, and tell myself that turning the page is a new start for a new drawing.  that's the other goal of this experience; to get the evil voice in my head to quiet down and be kinder.  so it's not perfect, good! neither am I.  and besides, a perfect drawing, or spread or whatever is not really possible, nor is it interesting. so who wants perfection?!

anyhow, the first spread is a small sample of Nathan's toys.  I drew the ones he plays with most.  I started with cookie monster and branched out from there.  I like the drawings themselves, but I could have put more thought into my composition.  same thing goes for the second spread!! not pleased with the composition and I messed up the background, but onward and upward! overall, I'm pleased and proud that I completed seven drawings, and although I'm a bit rusty, I'm pleased with the drawings.  it felt great to make time to do this!!!

whether or not you think you have an artistic bone in your body, or an ounce of creativity, or the "I can't draw a line" mentality, I highly recommend that you peak into all the beauty that keeping an illustrated journal offers and how it enriches your life.  every day little things, like the sponge on the kitchen sink, becomes a small celebration of life.  you start to actually SEE all that is around you, rather than just passing by day after day, after day, without truly seeing all the great things that surround you.  you just might surprise yourself.

I challenge you to consider it... I've never met anyone who regretted it.

week 2 starts today, so I'd better head off to klass...

Saturday, January 4, 2014

back at it!!

happy new year!

2014 is going to be an awesome year!! not only am I now a new mommy to an amazing little guy, but I'm also finally getting back to my artwork!! I've missed it so much!!

I'm taking an online art workshop to help me get back up and running as well.

I'm a little rusty, but as I keep turning the page and making new marks, the oil will be running through the grooves smoothly again!

feeling so excited!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"free spirit"

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I totally forgot to post this!

do you remember that sneak peak I gave you earlier in the month? (scroll down...there it is!) well this is the completed painting!!!

it's my best work yet and I'm totally excited to keep traveling down this new road I've discovered!

the only catch is that I'm now in my third trimester and sitting down to paint or draw isn't so easy anymore and some days, I'm just not up to it.  but we shall see...if I don't have the energy to create another piece before the baby comes, then this is a journey that will continue once he has arrived and I'm a sleep-deprived zombie :)