Ryn Weisz Fine Art


Original paintings, pet portraits, animal art, human portraits and a look into some of my sketchbooks.



My paintings are created in acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas as well as gouache (and sometimes watercolor) on beautiful, thick paper stock. Gouache is a beautifully opaque member of the watercolor family.

I've always been drawn to animals since I can remember. As a child, and now as an adult, I have always had a profound amount of love and respect toward all creatures. I especially adore dogs and the bonds we are lucky enough to experience with them.

It only seemed natural that I'd be inspired by animals, and so, I've combined my art with my love for animals.

It's not all about the animals though! I also enjoy capturing people's souls in a painting as well as children's illustration! More of that coming soon!

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Ordering your own custom painting is super easy!

I'll take you on the creation journey with me. Together, we will select the perfect reference photo(s) to turn into an expressive piece of art. I take the time to learn what colors you enjoy and what colors you'd like to steer clear of. I'll communicate with you every step of the way and do weekly check-ins by e-mail that include in-progress photos so that you're never left wondering what state your painting is in. It's not just about making a painting - it's a personalized experience. It is my goal to create paintings that evoke celebration of a loved one's life whether they are still part of this world or have ventured onto the next one. 

Not a dog or cat person? Awesome! I don't just paint dogs or cats! I love bringing all kinds of beautiful creatures to life on the canvas/paper!

Thinking about giving someone a really unique and thoughtful gift? Gift Certificates are perfect for that! You can order one in any amount you'd like. A small, personalized note can be added for the receiver of your gift and I will mail it out for you (unless you purchase them in person).

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