Ryn Weisz; in studio

Ryn Weisz; in studio

My paintings are created in either acrylic or gouache and watercolor (gouache is a beautiful opaque paint in the watercolor family).

A portrait always begins with my subject's eyes; it is there that the stories can be seen - the triumphs, the journeys and everything in between. It's crucial to me that I capture the essence of the animal or the person's soul. I take my time to convey as much detail as possible while also adding expressive tones of yellows, violets, blues and reds.

It is my goal to create paintings that evoke celebration of a loved one's life whether they are still part of this world or have ventured onto the next one. I am grateful to be able to create a personal gift for people from all over the world; building genuine relationships with my private buyers is also very important to me. I hope my work will bring joy and touch the hearts of as many people as I can reach.


I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and have been caught saying "sorry" and "eh" on a fairly regular basis. Ever since I was a young child, I have always had a love for animals and a passion for creating art. That's probably why I love painting animal portraits today.

I've been on the pursuit of art my whole life, picking up skills and trying out new techniques and art tools along the way.

In college I studied graphic design before falling into the hair industry and became a successful hair stylist for several years. A car accident would later prove to be a blessing in disguise as I had to retire as a stylist and ended up being reunited with art - my ever-lasting passion once again.

In 2012, my husband and I had the opportunity to relocate to San Antonio, Texas and in 2013, we welcomed our son.

For the next three years, I dedicated myself to raising a family but toward the end of 2016, I returned to my painting. 

some of my favorite things.

some of my favorite things.

While I find great fulfillment in creating custom paintings for private buyers, an important part of my vision is giving back. That's why I created my on-going series of projects called "Art for Compassion™; I partner with animal rescue groups and No-Kill shelters to raise funds and awareness through art, thereby helping the rescuers to continue helping the animals they take into their care.